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Upcoming guests and program content:

**  November 11th, live from Laughlin, NV.  The Starworks USA UFO Symposium. .

**  November 18th, open.**  November 18th, Kevin D. Randle. "Encounter in the Desert: The Case for Alien Contact at Socorro." . . .

    **  November 25th, Rosemary Ellen Guiley.  Werewolves and Dogmen. .

    **  December 2nd, Bruce Gernon and Rob MacGregor.   "Beyond the Bermuda Triangle: True Encounters with Electronic Fog, Missing Aircraft, and Time Warps." .

    **  December 9th, Jim Willis.  "Supernatural Gods: Spiritual Mysteries, Psychic Experiences, and Scientific Truths." . . .

    **  December 16th, open.

    **  December 23rd, Rev. Dr. Andrew McDonald and Rev. Dr. Jimmy Shelbourn.  “Faith, hope, love and living in an upside-down world.” .

    **  December 30th, Donald Zygutis.  Author of “The Sagan Conspiracy: NASA’s Untold Plot to Suppress the People’s Scientist’s Theory of Ancient Aliens."
    We will have a conversation regarding the announcement Mr. Zygutis is making on his website on 12/25/17:
    “On Dec. 25, 2017, I will introduce scientific evidence discovered by the  late Carl Sagan that indisputably confirms that extraterrestrials exist and have been to our planet in historical times” (from the author’s website). . . .


    January 6th, Patti Conklin.  "God Within: The Day God's Train Stopped."
Patti is one of the world’s most gifted medical intuitives. We’ll take listener calls with a single question for Patti starting at 10:40 am Central Time, at 402-474-5086. This show is part of a long tradition in having Patti Conklin on the first Saturday of the New Year. What will you call Patti about? Hint: the issues are in your tissues ! Mental, emotional, spiritual, physical - where do you want to grow in 2018? . .